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Direction Qibla & Prayer Times


Salat Prayer times Qibla and qibla Locator & Hours Muslim PrayersThe prayer times and Qiblah cities worldwide.The method of calculation most consistent with religion. Of numerous visual observations were conducted to adopt a reliable method of calculation.Hajj and Eid greetings to all Muslims in the world!An elegant and accurate App for prayer times and Qibla direction, no matter where you are. Its elegant, easy and convenient interface is designed qibla compass to ensure that you are always updated with the time to pray.for My prayer Qibla, Azan, Quran In addition, the app offers more options like reading the Quran, recitation of Remembrances and supplication and a nice widget that will allow you to see the time of prayers coming into your home screen.* Find Qibla direction kiblah anywhere anytime
* Kaaba track location with both online (using GPS) and offline (manually inserting current location) modes
* Calculate the distance of the mecca finder Qibla of existing space in both degrees and Kilometers
* Choose Multiple Qibla Dials present in various models
* Several languages like English, kaaba * Depending on your location, you can Vour the adhan time of Paris, the time of adhan of Marseille, prayer times for Lyon, ferrous Toulouse, Nice and others, you can also see the direction of the Qibla easily.
* If you want to change the location it is new zealand guide found by us, use of propriéte "Find my location".
* Check the time of each prayer and how much time you until next time of adhan.
- It displays midnight and the beginning of the last third of the night.- It shows the beginning and end of the prayer of the morning (Duha).- Compatible with all devices under version 3 and later.** Unique feature:This application has a characteristic which hardly exists in any other similar application. It indicates the presence of any magnetic field (if your device is near to another device, a computer, a magnetic cover, etc.) that could help determine the exact direction of the Qibla . This helps avoid errors.The program calculates the timings of prayers with good accuracy, God willing, and is characterized by access to meeqaats way the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of Morocco as well as ways:1. Umm Al Qura University2. Muslim World League3. University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi4. Egyptian General Authority of Survey5. Islamic Union of North AmericaThe program features:- Availability of important data from the Global Cities base, with access to phone location via the GPS.- Switching to silent mode automatically, with the availability of the settings for each prayer separately.- The possibility of determining the method of calculation, provided with the world's most important bodies in addition to the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of Morocco.- Alert the impending arrival of prayers- Includes a database of conversations taken from Sahih Bukhari.- Provides Alberr.s. in Arabic and French.- Widget to show the time remaining for the next prayer.Do not forget me of the good prayersQiblah and salatfirst implementation That guide Muslims to the leadership Reviews towards the Kaaba using Augmented Reality technology so you see Kaaba as if it is in front of you, The app contains aussi HAS Many features and full English interface. More It Is Free